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We're the largest network of multi-line showrooms on the West Coast. By designers, for designers.


Between Costa Mesa and San Diego, we’re redefining customer service and design standards.


We’re Designers Resource Collection, Kenneth McDonald Designs, and The Studio at DRC. Our Southern California showrooms were created with designers in mind. 

With over 50,000 square feet of thoughtful design and leading lines, our Californian luxury style makes it easy for your client to say yes.


The Studio at DRC—a boutique showroom experience. 


Bridging the gap between traditional and contemporary, The Studio at DRC offers a boutique experience.

For plush bedding and luxe bathroom accessories, here you'll find most premier products at affordable pricing.


Kenneth McDonald Designs


Traditional or contemporary, Kenneth McDonald Designs can bring the perfect finish to any interior. Perfect wallcoverings, vivid prints, immaculate trims, fabrics and textiles of your dreams.

With over 50 fabric lines and the largest wallcovering library on the West Coast, from affordable to luxury.

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