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Designers, we know what you want.

You’re visiting this site because you want to make life a little bit easier. You want to keep up with trends and be informed. And while you’re excellent at coordinating deliveries, you’d rather be doing what you do best—designing. 

Our showrooms—Designers Resource Collection, Kenneth McDonald Designs, and The Studio at DRC— have a proven track record of tailoring positive customer experiences for each and every visitor. We’re an environment built on trust—our customers trust us to carry exceptional items, and we trust our designers to create something remarkable for their clients. 


Meet our owners.

Warren DeYoung. An owner since 1985, we like to think of Warren as the king of fabric and wallpaper. He's been one of the primary drivers behind our expansions over the years—first with Kenneth McDonald Designs, then with DRC—and he's kept his warm personality and good values through it all. As a pillar in the industry, Warren is a fountain of information who does whatever he can to ensure happy employees and happy clients. 

Pamela Kellogg. A dose of sunshine with a fierce business mind. An owner of DRC since 2000, Pam is the brains behind our showrooms' style, efficiency, and success. She's particularly savvy with outdoor furniture and is often requested by customers during visits. With the same family values as Warren (did we mention that they're father and daughter?), Pam is a true expert in both business and design. 

Natasha Minasian. Opinionated in all the right ways, Natasha knows what she likes—and there's a 99% chance everyone else will like it, too. Originally a showroom customer, Natasha joined forces with Pam in 2015 to open DRC San Diego and The Studio at DRC. As a reputable interior designer with an expertise in bedding, Natasha empowers clients by providing direction and support in their design choices. 

Our promise to you.


Each one of our showrooms is an educational experience. We create an environment where you can safely bring clients, play, borrow items on memo, and even catch up on emails. In addition to being experts in the industry, we're your safety net. We save you time, organize purchases, and take care of the business of orders on your behalf.

Whether you’re a young designer needing a leg up, or a large design firm wanting to save time, you can rely on us to carrying top-of-the-line brands. But you can also rely on us for exceptional customer service. Every minute in our showrooms will be special. All you need to do is show up. 


To experience a slice of our world, shop on the floor.

Or better yet, visit one of our showrooms in person.